Avid traveller, author, actress and business owner (Talent reel) and (Aidan Liamsi). 

Looking to travel to every country within the next twenty years, make a success out of all my endeavours and help as many people along the way as possible. 

I am a strong believer in positive energy and believe that positive attracts positive. I also believe we can shape our destinies and choose how we react to situations and experiences in our lives and it is through our conscious and sub-conscious efforts that we control the paths to our future. 

Thoughts are powerful and shape our environment so it’s important we strive to tip the balance and think loving, positive and kind thoughts. 

More about me – I love to laugh, love being with the girlies, enjoy being spontaneous, love travelling and seeing different cultures, trying new things and love dolphins! I enjoy dancing and have taken up many things in life but never stuck to one thing in particular. So does that mean I get bored easily?

I love the sea and scuba diving and if I could be any animal in the world it would have to be either a bird or a dolphin.

I enjoy a wide genre of music and films and also a variety of books.

I get on with many types of people from a wide range of backgrounds, in varying positions, all over the world unless you are ignorant, rude or look down on those that are less fortunate than you. So I suppose you could say that I am quite laid back.

I try to remain positive and wish that everybody believed in themselves more – you do have the power to change your destiny, just have faith in yourself and remain positive – after all there is Sunshine after the Rain.

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