How long should a hug last for? Now for me it depends on a couple of factors such as who the person is and what the hug is for. So lets say its someone from your work place and you have only known them for several months. What would the optimum time for a leaving hug be? A few seconds? 5? 10?

Now to me a goodbye/leaving hug should be short and sweet, no messing about, just in and out with a pat on the back for reassurance. Family and close ones are different, but for someone at work that you aren’t particularly close to, then a couple of seconds should suffice.

Well what do you do when someone hugs you and they don’t make any move to release you from the hug and instead you are standing there patting their back in limbo. Awkward springs to mind and that’s exactly what it was.

I wasn’t sure how to act as I didn’t want to offend but at the same time, this bear grip was a a bit too long, encroached on my personal space and took me out of my comfort zone. I wonder how long we would have been standing there if I didn’t lean back!

What I don’t get is why you would want to hug someone you don’t know that well for an uneasy amount of time? I know everyone’s different but at the same time I don’t want to be little miss naive if there is a hidden agenda!

I embrace some male friends with hugs at my running club but it has never felt uneasy or awkward. Maybe I’m being silly or maybe my gut instinct is right. Perhaps I will just put out my hand for the good old-fashioned handshake next time!


About egyptna

Traveler, actress and author who believes in positive frequencies and the law of attraction. Continually striving to be a better person - to learn, love and accept more about myself and others. This universe is full of wonderful things - it's down to us to open our eyes and see them and make the most of our time here. #letsmakeitcount
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  1. Gut instinct rarely lets you down.


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