Friday 13 – Poland Adventure

So Friday the 13 is unlucky for some but it wasn’t for me. I was setting off to Poland for a weekend boozy adventure with a colleague from work following on from our boozy ‘spontaneous’ booking that occurred in November.

It was a fairly rushed start with no time to enjoy a festive drink before we departed, however we soon arrived in Warsaw, boarded the train and dumped ourselves in the hotel ready to begin our night.

Daytime had quickly turned to night, and into the freezing night we ventured, in search of some food and a stiff drink!! Well we happened to find a nice little cozy bar selling food and drink – the one thing I noticed was how cheap everything was. 45 ZL for a carafe of wine (just over two large glasses) and a large platter of antipasti (so approximately £9). This was definitely my kind of place.

We soon made our way back to the hotel for a Zubrowka before we got ourselves ready to hit the town right? Wrong!! We both crashed out – last of the party animals!!

Anyway it was probably for the best as I had a 9 mile training run (I’m currently training for the Paris Marathon in April 2014) the next day.

I awoke on Saturday feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my run in the cold Warsaw light. I can’t begin to tell you how great my run was. This run made me remember why I love running – although I was training, it didn’t feel like it. I was getting to explore this city by foot, taking pictures along the way and witnessing some of the hotspots such as Łazienki Park and Palace and then down to the Old Town to take in the picturesque plaza filled with Christmas decorations and a gigantic Christmas Tree, the cobblestone streets with great buildings and lots of character.  Image

This had to be my highlight of the break as I got to see so many beautiful landmarks whilst taking in the fresh air and then running off to my next destination.

I finally made it back to the hotel and rewarded myself with a nice warm shower ready to tackle the rest of the day and buzzing to get back out there.

We both set back out to the Old Town so Katie could witness the beauty of the Christmas decorations and also to have a few mulled wines to get us into the spirit of things. It would be rude not to after all!! We walked around and decided to grab some lunch which was vegetarian dumplings (Pierogi) for Katie and Hunters stew (Bigos) in hollowed out bread for me.

Time soon flied by and it was dark by the time we left, however what a magnificent site it was. This was when the Old Town square got busy – Carol Singers, Musicians, Clowns were dotted all over the place. The lights were magnificent and definitely worth seeing at night – what a lovely site. One that conjured up lots of warm memories of Christmas leaving a warm feeling inside and a great smile on my face. Image

ImageIt was soon time to make our way back to the hotel to get ready for our evening out. I think both of us were a bit shattered anyway and Katie wasn’t feeling that great so we only mustered going out to eat and then back to the hotel ready for our early morning departure. What we thought would be a boozy crazy weekend, turned out to be quite civilized and relaxing and I definitely wasn’t complaining. In fact it was lovely to be able to see another country and for me to be able to run through the city taking in the sights. I wouldn’t have been able to do that on a hangover so all in all – it worked out just fine.

One thing that I have come to realise is that everything is very accessible to us. Going away for a weekend needn’t be a hassle or cost lots of money. If you time it right you can pick up a cheap flight, cheap accommodation and be in another country within a few hours – all for less then what it would cost if you were to spend a weekend going out in London. So I definitely will be trying to make more short distance trips and running through various cities to explore what this world has to offer.





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