A little bit of spontaneous

ImageOkay so I need to really start to get to work on my list. I have 39 more things to do before I am 40 and this year I turned the grand young age of 31. Which means if I get my maths right that I am left with less than 9 years now to accomplish my bucket list! I better start moving my ass!! So number 28 involved doing something spontaneous. I am hoping that what I am about to say will qualify and will enable me to slap the smirk of number 28 so my list reduces to 38 but here goes.

Yesterday was a normal but happy day at work (happy because it was Friday – and Friday means weekend- yay!). So in normal work tradition we decided to unwind at the end of the day with a nice cool and refreshing drink.

This time instead of the local haunt we ventured where none of us had dare to venture before – the student union bar! Oh yes it was  time to relive my youth. A mix of nostalgia and naughtiness crept over me as I began to reminisce about my drunken debauchery as a student and lining up the drinks before going to class. Yes to be a student again!! What was amazing was I forgot how cheap it was to get drunk. You can’t go wrong with £2.50 for a spirit with mixer! Get in!! I’ll have ten please. 

Okay not quite, however a few cannon balls later and a few rounds of tequila meant that whilst my purse wasn’t hurt – my head was! Drunken conversations, dancing whilst seated and lot’s of cackles later – we decided to do something spontaneous.

Let’s go away – we all chimed. Next thing, phones came out – Sky Skanner at the ready and it was fastest finger first! Moments later we realise we have booked a weekend away to Warsaw in Poland in December. So from a drunken conversation in a student bar to a weekend away with work colleagues – all in all I think was quite spontaneous. So here’s to my next adventure. okrzyki!!





About egyptna

Traveler, actress and author who believes in positive frequencies and the law of attraction. Continually striving to be a better person - to learn, love and accept more about myself and others. This universe is full of wonderful things - it's down to us to open our eyes and see them and make the most of our time here. #letsmakeitcount
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